Ramayana Festival

There was an uproar across the country that a great temple should be built for Rama on the earth of Ayodhya Rama Janma. The Sri Ramayana Mahotsava festival was inaugurated in the year 2 0 0 7. Rama Gopalan discussed the festival with the Kanchi Swamis and all others. Deciding that there should be a Ramayana book in every house in Tamil Nadu for the benefit of Tamil Nadu.

Appearing, Swami Siddhavanandar wanted the menu of Ramayana epics written by them to be carried anywhere in the menu. Sri Ramakrishna Tapovan leader Swamiji gave their full cooperation. The door-to-door Ramayana project was started. The Ramayana was added to the homes with a request to read the Ramayana in every home.

The first annual festival was held at the Meenakshi Women's College Grounds, Kodambakkam, Chennai with a grand day-long program on Ramayana.Theni Ongarananda Swamy, Kanyakumari Gingerbread Chaitanya Maharaj Swamy, Swami Vimurthananda who was the teacher of Sri Ramakrishna's visit to Chennai, Sankarankovil Sankarananda Swami and many other dignitaries and many elders were present.

The Ramayana Festival was created with the aim of bringing devotion to Rama to the people and developing the idea of ​​Rama Rajya. It continues to be held on a large scale every year in many cities and villages. If the Ramayana is relevant to today's life then the Ramayana is relevant for all time. The Ramayana guides us to cultivate devotion to the nation and devotion to the gods.