Thiruvarur Chariot

Thiruvarur Chariot

The Thiruvarur Chariot is the largest and largest chariot in Asia. Thiruvarur chariot beauty is still talked about in Tamil Nadu. If a new road needs to be paved before and after the race, take care of its weight and structure.The world famous Puri Jagannath Chariot is one of the proudest in the state. The Orissa government will start work on the project six months in advance. Millions of devotees will attend there. Even though it was a Congress government, it was still a BJP, Janata Dal government. The state government has maintained its pride for several hundred years. But the sad history is that the famous Thiruvarur chariot was stopped many times higher than that. More than that, as the veil pours into the burn, the flow of the anota tiyakesa while the aorta is suffering! Atheist hypocrist joked.

Without moving like that, the Thiruvarur toad was sidelined by the Dravidian parties. Vin cost, cutting ceremony .. People were talking about whether it is necessary. Taking advantage of the complacency of the Dravidian parties, the social enemies stole the stone pillars and wooden carvings from the chariot. The Hindu Charitable Trust of the Vakarta State was amused. Idol smuggling, with the support of atheist politicians, was banned as big business. In this situation, when the Hindu Front was started, there was a reason why people celebrated it as Mamani who came last week. The sentiments that were raging in the minds of Hindus in every town were that the Hindu Front had paved the way for a solution to their long-standing misery. The petition was created by Chola and the people of the village were fasting to drive back the famous Thiruvarur toad. The Hindu Front led consultation on this. If Thiruvarur toad is run away, there will be a spiritual upsurge in Tamil Nadu again. Coordination work began with the suggestion that all parties should cooperate.


Veerathuravi Rama Gopalan met each of the community leaders and spiritual elders in person. But the elders of the district were afraid to take up the matter. The reason, they said, is that it costs crores of rupees to make a chariot, and it takes tens of thousands of people to pull a chariot. Not only that, it takes more than a month for the chariot to come to a standstill. They said it was unthinkable. They dropped a bigger bomb than this, saying that some atheists would do something and cause a riot.

Gopalji told them not to worry about the financial arrangement for now and assured them that the Lord would guide them somehow.All the elders and important people were invited to form a Thiruvarur chariot team. For some, the funding for this is going to come from abroad, as if the local wedding was thought to be Marla Sandalwood.A list of what was needed for the flow was taken at the meeting. Attendees said excitedly that each one was in charge of a job. But, the work required so much money, and the suggestion that we could start this work with them right away was hugely ready. The list of jobs includes the list of finances required for it.

They began to slip one by one as to who to look to for the next source of funding. Yet by the grace of the Lord many good ones were found. Together with them the incumbents decided and got down to business. They worked wholeheartedly on this matter .We decided to keep the toad running anyway.May the Lord bless those who were close to us to report to Gopalji without expecting anything from the government. But the show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; This event is a district event and requires the permission and order of the District Collector. The Collector was reluctant to step down against the government so they said we should do something.Then the rule of the DMK, Chief Minister Karunanidhi, who spoke atheism and went home. What to do? Catching someone close to the first, Karunanidhi's hometown, it is not a matter of pride for him not to run a chariot in this town for many years. But he was given the responsibility to make it clear that if the chariot ran during his reign it would be something to be proud of.

As we said, the Chief Minister gave permission and made the Collector cooperate. That is why Thiruvarur is still on the DMK's record list, or in the case of Tambatta. To stop the toad level, the turning barrier must be of a large size. The perpetrator is said to be in Nagore. A few came down for it. The chariot needs a big rope to pull it. That too is a big rope that was arranged to be brought from Kerala by RSS volunteers. The next focus was on chariot shepherding and chariot decoration.

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