Television - Retaliation
for anti-Hindu tendencies

Television- Retaliation for anti-Hindu tendencies

We recorded our protest when we came to know that a program titled 'Corporate Swamis' was arranged and advertised on Vijay TV for the purpose of denigrating Hindu monks on the show Niya Nana. But the publicity about the show continued. Show producer Anthony said it was not a show to hurt anyone. We strongly objected as we could not allow this.

Not only that, Vijay TV. The protest was announced earlier and the demonstration was held. Then the administration bowed. Regretted that the show was canceled and that we would not air shows like this. ZEE TV The series Lakka Kikka was aired on. The show was hosted by actress Roja.

The show featured a man disguised as a monk dancing with women. Hindu Munnani officials are in talks to stop airing the show immediately. We also conveyed our condemnation of the show to the TV management. But management said the show was over and it had been sent to the Philippines to air. The administration said that only the two-day show would be allowed and then broadcast without those scenes. The TV office in the city was besieged on August 30, 2012, saying that not even a single minute could be allowed. Management then bowed and stopped broadcasting.

ZEE TV has just aired more temple shows, its executive said. Our Chennai mayor said, "Sir, it's good, but what if you put a leaf in it, exchange delicious food and put a little stool in the corner of the leaf? That's the decent thing to do, and it should end there." They also felt wronged. Such shows are on our TV. They also guaranteed not to come in.


Do women need Tali on new generation television? A discussion program was organized on the topic. It was announced that it would air on March 8, 2015 and the series was advertised.

We recorded our protest by phone and in person. But management did not respond. So we decided to hold a sit-in demonstration on March 8 at 10 am and gathered at the back of the new generation television office.

Then the cinematographer of that television filmed us gathered. He continued to film without asking our opposition not to film. The camera fell down due to the thorn in the side. When the police came and spoke to the management, the management announced that the show was not going to be aired.

Police have arrested and jailed a Hindu leader following a complaint lodged by a TV cameraman. It was a victory for us in blocking the show.

The management then withdrew the case after apologizing to Veerathuruvi Rama Gopalan for taking the position of boycotting the new generation TV which was involved in the arrest by giving false information.

On the field against atheistic destructive forces For the last 60 years, Muslims have been in the habit of insulting and insulting our culture by speaking and writing about our Hindu deities. Their hypocrisy continued from Muslim and Christian areas to Hindu-majority areas. Leaflets, wall text, menu seminars have been glorifying Hinduism in many ways, our monks and nuns. Our religious leaders do not exaggerate their actions by saying that they are talking about something clowns. Our Hindu greats are also T.K. The Cars set aside that the Lord would punish them if they spoke like this. The rationalists who took advantage of it played a big game in the world thinking that we are intellectuals and scientists. Eager to respond to their antics in their own style, the youth joined the Hindu Munnani in launching attacks on leaflets and murals. Menus are denigrated in many ways as struggles.

The Hindu Munnani began to take the thorn by the thorn. Many were arrested. But the Dravidian mob was filled with fear. 25.6.89 Is it Ramayana that transcends the excess of immorality? The Mahabharata? When the Hindu Munnani complained to the police about this, he said that this is a democratic country where everyone has the right to speak and write. This too was decided to be beneficial and a petition was filed on behalf of the Hindu Munnani seeking permission for a menu. Is the Quran overriding pornography in the petition? The Bible? Exciting menu forum called. The shocked officer first looked intimidated and then stopped both.

13.9.90 The Hindu Munnani in a petition to the Central Government has informed that it is collecting money by holding an exhibition in the name of the LTTE Comrades' Association in support of the banned LTTE movement at the Periyar Study in Gandhipuram, Coimbatore. The Hindu Munnani also informed the people and the central government that parts for the guns were being manufactured and sent to the LTTE.

1993 April T.K. The saffron burning protest was announced on behalf of. Police handcuffed as it was not possible to take action to lodge a complaint with the police for restraint. Dravidar League flag on behalf of the Hindu Munnani, E.V.R. Hindu Munnani announces Maniyammai as an image burning struggle. The Hindu Munnani won the struggle against the ban.

13.7.97 TK announces beef eating protest. On that day, from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm on behalf of the Hindu Munnani, the decorated Komata Ratam was brought in procession through 20 branches. There is no support for the eating struggle. But the Komata Ratam was well received by the people of Coimbatore.

We retaliated against words that glorified our gods. For example:

  • Why was Paul anointed to the stone God? T.K Why rose garland for stone EVRA? BC
  • Where is God's action in which a man and a woman give birth to a child? If so, why is it that EV Rao, who is married twice, has no children? BC
  • Do you tell Muslim Christians to celebrate TKW Tamil Thirunal Tamil New Year to wish Ramadan and Christmas?
  • Are the temples ready to inscribe before the Hindu temples that there is no God and that there is no TKW and not Jesus? TKs who ask us questions like this. We started our questions as well. They always found the only answer to the question. Political parties and the general public supported the trust knowing that it was honest and truthful. Ignored the TK.

As Kettikaran Puluka knew in eight days, the Tamil and Tamil masks of the TNA were torn. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. So romantic marriage, Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Narakasuran, forest protection, elephant trail, something like that has to survive.

In fact E.V.R. He never worked for Tamil. The spread of atheism by God was not taken up among the people. The spiritual foliage is hanging. Periyar. Those who conducted the party in the name of Anna are today at the peak of devotion such as balkavati, mud porridge, unit punching, chariot pulling, agni chutti, flower pit descent. This is the recognition of the Hindu Munnani. Our work will continue and success will continue.

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