in respect to us

Tamil Nadu is the land where the Alvars and Nayans roamed, and Tamil Nadu is the state with the most temples in Bharat. Tamil Nadu is also known as the place where Kumaran resides wherever he is. In Tamil Nadu, Rishis, sages, sages, poets and devotees have sung innumerable books.

The Dravidian League sprouted in the 1920s just as the mistletoe sprouted in such a Tamil Nadu on this blessed earth. There is no God in Tamil Nadu. not at all . He who teaches God is a fool. The slogan of the savage who believes in God is e.v. Ramasamy Nayak and his disciples, accompanied by the British, nodded.


Got into the word web in layered languages. The people of Tamil Nadu were eagerly mesmerized by those who spoke loudly on the stage. They put the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam on the throne.

In Salem, they wore sandals to the idol of Lord Rama, changed their lights, threw bronze and left the procession. The minds of the devotees were flooded.

The Ramayana is a lie, the Mahabharata is a lie and the Puranas are a lie. They denigrated the Hindus as Shiva's lie, Murugan's lie and Ayyappan's lie.

He wrote the Ramayana instead of the Ramayana. They wrote a book denigrating the Bhagavad Gita.

Seeing all this, the people of the North and the neighboring states and all those in Tamil Nadu were heartbroken thinking that the anti-Hindus and the anti-Hindus were not atheists.

And the rapid Christian conversion that took place in Tamil Nadu. In the name of service, people went down to deceive the people and threatened the culture of Tamil Nadu. At one point, Christian conspirators tried to turn Kanyakumari district into a virgin district.

At the same time, aside from the growing Muslim conversion - acts of terrorism Insecurity for Hindus. The fresh trend of politicians to vote for minorities, Situation in which Hindus are treated as second class citizens, Destruction of temples, occupation of temple property - temples to politicians.

The environment in which Hindus are treated disgustingly in their own country. The RSS flourished in all the states of Bharat. Did not grow in Tamil Nadu. RSS leader Parama Poojani Balasakeb Thevaras said that Tamil Nadu is an unbreakable rock. It was in this context that the Hindu Munnani movement was started in 1980 by the RSS. Responsibility for the development of the Hindu Munnani RSS in Tamil Nadu State was handed over to Sri Rama Gopalan ji.

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