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Hindu Munnani

What is Hindu Munnani in short?

The Hindu Munnani is an organisation that aims at protecting the Hindu rights and Hindu Temples from the atheist and other religious thwarts. Hindu Munnani is based in Tamil Nadu, Bharat. Hindu Munnani was founded in 1980 by Sri Ramagopalan fondly known as Gopal Ji in RSS) needs no introduction. His service to Bharat & Hindu Religion cannot be boxed in words. Desiyam & Deiveegam are his heart and soul. Hindu Munnani was formed to defend Hinduism and protect Hindu religious monuments and shrines. The Ideology of Hindu Munnani is to prevent religious conversion, and to make Hindus understand the glories of Hinduism. The atheist propaganda has been prevented by the hard work of the Hindumunnani, Religious Conversions are being prevented.The Vinayagar Chathurthi celebrations organised by the Hindu Munnani were first brought down south by Hindumunnani in Chennai by Sri Ramagopalan during the 1980’s.

Objectives of Hindu Munnani is as follows

  • To wrest Hindu temples from government control and entrust them to the care of a public body.
  • To fight for a Common Civil Code.
  • To strive for compulsory enforcement of family planning.
  • To strive for the law of Anti-Conversion law.
  • Ban on cow slaughter
  • Liberation of Hindu temples at Ayodhya, Kasi and Mathura.
  • Repeal of Article 370
  • To protect Hindu rights and interests

Regarding Hindu Munnani

How did the Hindu Munnani get its name

Earlier there was a person named Salem Ramasamy, and he is known for the protection of the Hindu temples. That time it was called Hindu Makkal Munnani, later on changed the name to “Hindu Munnani” as Hindu means People so the word makkal was removed. Therefore it was abbreviated as “Hindu Munnani”which means Hindu Munnani. The name is in Tamil, which people can easily tell, and understand and imprint in the mind of people.

The first branch of Hindu Munnani was at Kanyakumari.

About Hindu Munnani

Tamil Nadu is the land where the Alvars and Nayans roamed, and Tamil Nadu is the state with the most temples in Bharat. Tamil Nadu is also known as the place where Kumaran resides wherever he is. In Tamil Nadu, Rishis, sages, sages, poets and devotees have sung innumerable books.

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