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Veerathuravi Rama Gopalan, the organizer of the Hindu Munnani, met many saints of Tamil Nadu and said that despite the many achievements of the Hindu Munnani, there is no uprising or sentiment among the Hindus of Tamil Nadu. Today in many places there is a beef shop and cows being slaughtered. It is said that liberation from the curse caused by this is to perform (cow)ko puja and make people feel the need to protect the cow.

To Achieve Curse Redemption, 12.11. In 1995, Ko Puja was organized at 10,008 places across the state.As a result, in many temples and villages, Ko Puja was revived. In many districts there was a great effort to establish kosalas (cow monasteries).

Pasuthai Magazine was a 4 page letter .At that time, a newspaper in the form of a letter was first sent in November 1995 in a four-page format under the name 'Pasuthai' to convey the message that the cow should be praised among the people.

After that, Ganesha Chaturthi Thirunalam became the monthly magazine of Pasuthai in September 1996. It was then in four-page format, with a lot of snippets and spiritual comments to read with the purchase of Sir Post.


Why was the name Pasuttai coined?

Being a mother has a power to attract women. Komata means beauty in Tamil, it will reach ordinary people and women. Women among Hindus do not know much about proselytism, terrorism and anti-Hindu activities because they do not know much about foreign affairs. Proselytizing often targets women. Therefore, Veerathuravi Rama Gopalan commented on the need for Pasuthai to add more awareness and fighting spirit among women. Because of this, Pasuthai was designed to create Hindu awareness through spirituality.

In book form ..

The large 8-page book was converted to a 16-page book, then to a 24-page book, and then to a three-color cover on art paper. The Cowboy Foundation was formed ..
In this context, the Pasuthai Foundation was formed in 2007 by merging the Kosalas formed in Trichy and Tirupur. As part of the Cowboy Foundation, Cowboy Monthly Magazine was transformed into a 24-page, then 32-page, multi-colored cover.
Throughout 2018 Art Paper is coming out in 36cs with 32+ card 4 pages as well as 36 pages.
Readers' Support ..
Originally started with 3000 subscribers, Pasuthai now has more than 20,000 subscribers and millions of readers.
The annual subscription for a four-page magazine in ordinary paper started at Rs.
Even now, with ideas such as spirituality and cow protection, national devotion and devotion to the gods are gaining the support of the readers and the goodwill of the good and the bad is on the rise.
Pasuttai .. Komata .. Kamadhenu .. Pasuttai Monthly Magazine .. A Community Spiritual Monthly Magazine which brings happiness and Hindu uprising to the students and supporters.
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