Hindu Munnani in the field
to thwart conversion

Hindu Munnani in the field to thwart conversion

The proselytizing harvest of Christian missionaries in Tamil Nadu is increasing day by day using lust, threats, poverty and disability in the name of love religion.

The atrocities committed by the Hindus by claiming that the gods they worship are Satan and the devil are innumerable.They are importing billions of rupees of foreign currency and keeping it and doing proselytizing work. It is customary for them to go from village to village and convert on Sundays.

These evil forces are acting in a way that is causing great disruption to Hindu culture and worship and disrupting our heritage. The Hindu Munnani is making great efforts to prevent this and is engaged in public awareness work. The conversion of Christian missionaries has been blocked in many places and is causing a huge popular uprising.

Conducts weekly joint worship services, Conducts cultural class in villages, Religious classes are conducted. Lamp Puja, Sumangali Puja etc. create a sense of devotion and thereby make people understand the superiority of Hinduism.


The Hindu Munnani Branch Committee thwarts the proselytizing conspiracy from the guardian deities to protect the villages.

Every Hindu Munnani worker is working tirelessly to protect his village and town to prevent conversion.

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