Ratha Yatra -
The Hindu Renaissance in Tamil Nadu

Ratha Yatra - The Hindu Renaissance in Tamil Nadu

On March 19, 1995, Shri Gopal set out on a pilgrimage across Tamil Nadu with a five-foot statue of Attimara Anjaneyar, who had been blessed as a worshiper at the Rama Nama Japa Velvi in ​​Dhanushkodi.

He started his pilgrimage from Rameshwaram on February 9, 1996 by praying at Dhanushkodi. From the beginning to the end of the pilgrimage, Shri Gopal himself led the pilgrimage.

The chariot floated for 40 consecutive days in all the districts and major cities of Tamil Nadu. It is noteworthy that Sri Gopal ji fully carried out this pilgrimage. The purpose of this chariot pilgrimage was to reach the kingdom of Rama. A pamphlet listing 32 things affecting Hindus was also printed and campaigned based on it.

State and district administrators of the Hindu Munnani took part in the pilgrimage, in full force. The pilgrimage takes up to 12 hours to complete the night. The pilgrimage was organized to showcase everything at important places in every town. People waited with pooja items and performed worship. Connor Dares participating in the campaign. The people of the area provided all the necessary assistance to the pilgrims.

An incident of this pilgrimage took place on the day of the arrival of the chariot to Vandavasi. The Muslims were in a great commotion that the chariot should not come to the area as the road workers had demolished the stone pillar placed at the entrance.

The chariot pilgrimage in such a multi-stage environment led to the Hindu renaissance in Tamil Nadu.

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