Ganesha Chaturthi People's
Uprising Ceremony

Ganesha Chaturthi People's Uprising Ceremony

Our Hindu Munnani movement was started at a time when there was no one in Tamil Nadu to speak out against those who destroyed the divine Tamil Nadu by atheism.In 1953, the first E.V.E.R. Pillaiyar initiated the quarterly act of breaking the idol. Its culmination in 1972 was the T.K. The ugliness of the convention and the procession made it impossible for us to write or speak about the extent to which they blasphemed our God.

It is in this context that Sri Rama reveals how to manifest national and divine devotion in Tamil Nadu again. Gopalan thought. Tilak magnified the freedom struggle with Ganesha. E.V.R.- Wo broke Ganesha and ruined the country. இராம. Gopalan hurriedly bestowed grace on the man who had kept the same Ganesha and wondered why the national divinity could not be tapped in Tamil Nadu.

In 1983, the first Ganesha Chaturthi worship procession was held on Thanappa Street in Thiruvallikeni. Through it the people of the area came together. The following year, worship began on Ganesha Street in other parts of Chennai and in Madurai. Especially in Chennai Nanganallur and Tambaram Ganesha made of bamboo went to every area every day and brought people together. Ganesha visited all the districts within the next five years.

Ganesha's Viswaroopam He started as a three-foot Ganesha in Chennai and rose to 32 feet in a few years. They also expressed their desire to place Ganesha in every hut area in Chennai for which a 3 ft uplift Ganesha was provided at a low price. In Chennai alone, the number of Ganeshas touched ten thousand.Ganesha procession started to hold Chaturthi in many unions across all the districts The procession started city wise city wise.The Chennai Discharge took place at Marina Beach. Tens of thousands of families attended the events there. Unable to bear such a scene, the Thiruvallikeni Muslims rioted over Ganesha in sandals and kalvi. However, the Ganesha Chaturthi festival continues to be a success.


A variety of events were planned to bring people together at Ganesha Chaturthi. Various performances were held every day from Ganesha Chaturthi to Discharge. Let’s look at some of them for example.

  • Children's Day: On this day song competition, Ganesha acknowledgment, quizzes, sports competitions, storytelling are held.
  • Mother's Day: Lantern Puja, Kolab competitions, sports competitions for women etc. will be held.
  • Youth Day Uriyadi, talk shows, men's games etc. will be held.
  • Community Equality Day: Na Narayana Pooja Naranarayana Puja is a celebration of bringing a senior couple from every community to all communities and going to them for blessings.
  • National Uprising Day
  • Hindu Uprising Day: Ganesha procession and exorcism started in 1983 as a Ganesha in Thiruvallikeni and today has spread to many lakhs of Ganesha in Tamil Nadu.

Today we can see the celebration of Ganesha Chaturthi festival not only in all parts but also in all the society including the narcissist community. Every year we will continue the journey of focusing on one idea and knowing the impact of ideas all over Tamil Nadu.

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