Sri Rama Sethu -
Bridge Recovery

Sri Rama Sethu - Bridge Recovery

When did people start thinking about Rama Bridge? With the Sethusamudram project, you can go to South Asian countries without going to the port of Colombo. 36 hours of travel will be spared. Can save fuel. The Tamil Nadu government and the central government say that Tamil Nadu will become a money-making state.

Why did Hindu organizations oppose it?
The Rama Bridge built by Sri Ramaphran is broken and a canal is cut across it. It also connects the minds of more than one billion Hindus around the world. Rama is the symbol of our country. There is no history in Bharat without Rama. References to Ramayana and Rama Bridge still exist in more than 40 countries.


What are the dangers of breaking the Rama Bridge?

  • Rare species of sea cow is found only here in Asia. Apart from this, more than 1300 species of fish such as rare sea turtles, dolphins and seahorses will become extinct.
  • Fish reproduce by the oxygen produced by the coral reefs of 21 coral islands. It takes 4,000 years for these corals to form. Oceanographers say it will not come back to life if it dies
  • The Sethu Canal project planned by the government does not allow fishing when ships come and go. Who knows when ships will arrive and depart? Authorities have begun cracking down on fishing, making it impossible for fishermen to enter the sea.
  • Sea turtles become extinct.
  • If the tsunami comes again, the coastal areas of South India will be submerged and destroyed.
  • Can produce electricity for 400 years, bringing with it a rare treasure called thorium. The 3,60,000 tons of thorium stored so far will be dissolved in the sea. No new thorium is formed.
  • Therefore, through the Hindu Munnani movement, Rama started the signature movement in Tamil Nadu in 2005, insisting that the Samudra project should not be carried out by demolishing the bridge. RSS Shri Gopalji spoke on the signature movement at the All Bharat Executive Committee meeting of.

    The petition was signed by 35 lakh people and submitted to President Abdul Kalam. A grand conference was held in July 2007 in Madurai. More than 40,000 people from southern Tamil Nadu took part in the strike. Millions of people participated.

    The Great Rama Maha Yagam was held at Rameshwaram in August 2007. Millions of people participated in this sacrifice. Monks from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu attended in large numbers.

    On October 12 of the same year, road blockades took place in 5400 places across the country from 8 am to 11 am. 12 lakh people participated in it. More than 10,000 people were arrested in more than 150 places in Tamil Nadu.

    Several lawsuits have been filed seeking to protect the bridge. Whatever the conclusion, every Indian citizen has a duty to protect this monument of ancient historical significance. The team will mobilize and fight resolutely to thwart this plan.

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