10,008 Thiruvilakku poojai

10,008 Thiruvilakku poojai

Period of lack of awareness among Hindus. At a time when atheism was rampant and politicians and spiritualists were blindfolded, the Hindu Front began in the 1980s to advocate for and strengthen Hinduism by advocating for unity and awareness among Hindus about the dangers that surround Hindu society.Women also worked very hard to come out with puja in order to come to the society with self-confidence and unity. They told me how to do puja in a simple way.Even so, it was a big deal to have 5 or 10 lanterns once a month in rural temples. Due to Vida's efforts, this pooja became a collective prayer. People were interested in this pooja which was not expensive.They were integrated and converted into 108, 504,1008,2007, 10,008 lamp pujas in urban temples.

With the joint efforts of spiritually minded elders concerned with the welfare of Hindus, it was decided by the Hindu Mothers' Front to hold 10,008 Tiruvilakku Puja in Tirupur on the 26th of Panguni year 1995. The place of worship near the Puthur section of Tarapuram Road was renamed as Tiruvilakku Nagar. For the initial phase of the puja, 50 to 60 people stayed at the Subaletsumi Wedding Hall on Tarapuram Road every day and worked there day and night to prepare food for them. All the brothers were in charge of this lamp puja and worked day and night to collect material and financial aid for the puja and give it to the devotees.


Perur Adinam Thavatthiru for this magnificent puja. Santalinga Ramasamy Adigalar was in charge. Repent from Ginger. Swami Saitanyananda gave the lecture. Rama Gopalan, founder of the Hindu Front, and Mr. Shanmuganathan, the present Governor of Meghalaya and State Organizer of the RSS; C.K. Kuppusamy also attended and featured.A special flower of the Hindu Front was arranged to decorate this 10,008 lamp puja and gave it to everyone.

The terrorists Imam Ali and Super came to plant a bomb in a manner that would disrupt this puja. The security team of the Hindu Front arrested them and handed them over to the police. The police managed to escape the culprits.In this tumultuous situation the women celebrated the festival for four days without any fear. Among them Ganapati Yagya, Ashwamedha Yagya and Navarathina Yagya were 10,008 lamp pujas.

The growth of the Hindu Front in Tirupur was immense. The growth of the Hindu Mothers' Front gradually progressed. December 25 is the 2007 Sumangali Puja attended by women in Tirupur, the next day of Ganesha Chaturthi Hindu Mothers Leading Procession Audi Friday Lantern Puja Women's Shivaratri Celebration, Character Training Camp for Girls, Cultural Class for Girls, Collective Worship are held regularly.

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