Kodi Rama Nama Japa Velvi -

Kodi Rama Nama Japa Velvi - Dhanushkodi

1992 February - Ramanathapuram District Rameshwaram Dhanushkodi One crore Sri Ramanama Japa Velvi was held as an unforgettable achievement.After the 1965 storm, Dhanushkodi, where Rameshwaram and its main part meet the sea, sank in the sea. Traffic has been cut off. Under these circumstances, the place became a major hub for drug trafficking and smuggling by Muslims.

The Hindu Munnani is concerned about this. The place where Sri Ramaphran Sagittarius sits in Dhanushkodi is the most important pilgrimage site for the Hindus. To restore its sanctity. It was decided to create an environment where people could come and go as usual.

Based on this Sree Gopal Ji discussed with many adults. The Hindu Munnani has launched a program to hold a large-scale 1 crore Sri Ramanama Velvi on behalf of Sri Hanuman.

The Rama thing that started with Hanuman was done very successfully. More than one lakh people gathered in Dhanushkodi, which has no transport facilities. Many crores of Rama Nama prayers were held. From morning till evening the people were of the color that came in waves. The biggest conference was held in the evening.

The late Mr. Ayyappa Kurusami and actor at the conference. M. My. Nambiar participated.


Initially it was announced that Hanuman, who was worshiped in the Yagya, would send dollars to those who wrote 108 Ramanamas on their own. 108 A request was made to send a rupee offering with the name of Rama.

Tens of thousands of Rama Nama books. Piled up like a mountain. Sending dollars to senders is the biggest job and many thousands of people have been involved in this work for days.

At that time there was only bus service from Rameshwaram to Mukundaraya Chatram. 10 km from there. There is no way to reach Dhanush Kodi in the distance. In this situation we requested the government to provide road facilities to Dhanushkodi. The Government of Tamil Nadu accepted our request and constructed a temporary road along the coast for a distance of about 8 km.

Accommodation for those who can come to Rameswaram in anticipation of one lakh people coming, food, drinking water, the arrangement was very well made. Especially CR Bhaskar from Coimbatore came with a huge cooking team to prepare the food they needed for one lakh people. It can be said that it is an ominous arrangement.

Ramasamy Udayar, the owner of the Ramachandra Hospital in Chennai, arranged for one lakh bottles of drinking water for each visitor.

Hundreds of people stayed in Rameshwaram full time for almost two months and worked hard to overcome this problem. In addition, one lakh people who had come arranged the vehicle at his own expense and participated as a family with great enthusiasm.

An attempt was made to make a statue of Sri Hanuman, which is worshiped during the festival, on a fig tree.

The multi-crore Ramanama came easy when I was thinking of how to get one crore Ramanama.

By the grace of Ramaphran, the fig tree statue of the same Sri Hanuman roamed all over Tamil Nadu for 48 days in a wonderfully designed chariot. The most revered Sri Ramagopalan conducted a wonderful campaign all over Tamil Nadu.

This idol is dedicated to Lord Hanuman at the Valarntha Hanuman Temple in the Agni Theertham with the mantra of Kodi Ramanama placed under the idol of Hanuman. This is the biggest riot in the history of the Hindu Munnani.

This fulfilled our dream of making Dhanushkodi a popular destination for pilgrims. By this sacrifice the tent of the illegal proletariat was dismantled. Currently, the Central Government has constructed a new road to Dhanushkodi, making it easier for devotees to visit Dhanushkodi, the shop Munnani of Bharat, and perform prayers.

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