Himalayan work to
reclaim temple lands

Himalayan work to reclaim temple lands

If someone has a problem they will go to court. But what if the problem is with the court itself? The Hindu Munnani found a solution and succeeded.Tirunelveli District, Ambasamudram Arulmigu Kasinatha Swamy Temple, 94 cents of land on the main road of the city to sell the land worth crores of rupees for just Rs. The 46-cent site owned by the CSI Christian Diocese in its vicinity was determined by the Judiciary to be rented at Rs. 65,380 / - per cent 30 lakh 7 thousand 480 per cent for the same court building works.

Hindu Advocate Munnani Ambasamudram Additional Court of Appeal condemned the discriminatory sale of temple premises only at slave prices. Following the case 322/10, it was dismissed and the project was halted due to a series of legal battles with the Right to Information Act, which appealed and sent petitions to the judiciary. Abandoned.

Department of Hindu Religious Affairs announced on 08.02.2012 to sell 5 acres of land belonging to Arulmigu Sankaranarayana Swamy Temple, Tirunelveli District for sale to the University for Rs. The objection was directed to be submitted by 12.03.12. The Hindu Advocate Munnani Secretary of State has objected to the sale of 5 acres of land worth crores of rupees for Rs. Filed an appeal.

The Secretary of State on behalf of the Hindu Munnani recorded his objections in this regard during the hearings of the Commissioner of Hindu Religious Affairs on 12.03.2012 and 27.03.2012. Finally on 05.05.2012 the Commissioner of Hindu Charities Mr. Chandra Kumar revoked the order fixed at Rs.3.21,865 / - and issued a new order fixing it at Rs.9,94,01,000 (Rs. Nine crore ninety four thousand one thousand). This will bring in an additional revenue of about Rs 91 lakh crore to the temple. This has caused great joy among the devotees


The destruction of Shiva's property is a proverb, and the history of the Hindu Munnani's struggle to protect the temple lands from the forces that usurped the Lord's property is many. In particular, the Guduvanchery Nandeeswarar Temple in Kanchi district has a huge fortune of millions. The properties of this temple were acquired by the government in the name of setting up a bus stand. The Hindu Munnani landed on the field and mobilized the masses. The first signature movement was held to demand the return of Nandeeswarar temple property to the people. The demonstration was attended by thousands of people. The next step was the siege of the Collector's Office and the return of the Nandeeswarar temple property to the temple by the Tamil Nadu government in the face of strong opposition from Hindus.

The biggest turning point for the movement in Tirupur was the struggle for the restoration of the Tirupur forest Ganesha temple site. Under those circumstances, the Hindu Munnani was a growing movement in Tirupur. The Maoists of the day tried to set up an office by occupying the space of the Ganesha temple. Informed Hindu leaders besieged the place. We are only ten out of ten. Opposition Tirupur MLA belongs to the Communist Party. Hundreds of communists. The Hindu Munnani bravely entered the field. All these places were reclaimed due to the cooperation and continuous struggle of the Hindus of the area for our Dharma struggle.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that the Hindu Munnani has done a great job of reclaiming billions of rupees worth of temple sites, large and small, throughout Tamil Nadu.

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