Historical Adventure -
Vellore Jalakandeswarar Temple

Historical Adventure - Vellore Jalakandeswarar Temple

Vellore Jail is also reminiscent of Vellore until a few years ago. But the Vellore Soldier's Revolution is significant in history. They will mention that the nationwide struggle against the British in our country took place in 1857. This was called the Soldier's Rebellion by the English slaves.

But freedom fighter Veer Savarkar described it as the first war of independence against the British. Years before this, the soldiers revolted against the British in Vellore. That is what was called the Vellore Soldier's Revolution. The tombs of the fallen soldiers are still found in the church premises located in Munnani of the Vellore Fort.


Jalakandeswarar Temple:

Vellore has a huge fort with moats all around. Inside the fort, there is a temple with a huge tower and carvings. BuiVellore Fort was captured by the Muslims during the invasion of Tipu Sultan. They looted the temple. The sculptures were damaged. Fortunately, in anticipation of this, our ancestors secretly removed the source (Shiva Lingam) from the sanctum sanctorum and took it to Sathuvachari near Vellore. The people there built a small temple and started worshiping the lingam.

The temple became an army camp:

The rule of the Muslims came to an end and the British rule came to our country. During their time, Vellore Fort was used as a base for soldiers. The temple complex was used as an ammunition depot and horse stables.

English Christian rule also continued without worship and worship due to the absence of a source in the temple. Courts, Collector's Offices and Government Offices were set up in the temple premises.

The country gained independence in 1947. Due to the lack of a source in the Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore Fort, our then Central Government brought the temple administration under the Archaeological Department.

Attempt by Kirupanandavari:

Fun, kingless fort, about Vellore. The river without water (there is a huge gorge, but it is rare to see water in it) is still stacked like this by the police without authority (there was a police training center in Vellore, they also have no power in training) Sami temple without.

Various attempts were made to bring the source back to worship at the Vellore Fort Temple. The effort made by Kripanandavariyar is significant. At that time the people of Vellore raised one lakh rupees and handed it over to Kripanandavari. Warrier went to Delhi and stayed there for several days, then met the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and the Union Minister of Archeology and sought the permission of the Union Government. If you give permission, you will have to give permission to many mosques and churches which do not have such prayers and worship. Therefore denied that it could not be allowed.

The Warrior Swamis returned home with grief. He has returned one lakh rupees given by the people. With that money, the Warrior Wedding Hall was built near the Vellore tollgate. It still exists today.

Hindu Munnani's attempt:

The Hindu Munnani was started in 1980 to advocate and fight for Hindus. Weeratvi Rama Gopalan took charge as its organizer. Rama Gopalan had come to start the Hindu Munnani in Vellore. He met many city dignitaries that day. Then came the talk of the Jalakandeswarar Temple. It is a shame for us to say that it is a temple without a deity. He therefore declared that the dedication of the Sami at the Vellore Jalakandeswarar Temple and the resumption of worship should be the plan of the Vellore District Hindu Munnani.

A large Hindu Munnani public meeting was held in January 1981 at the Vellore Fort Grounds. Speaking at the meeting, Rama Gopalan spoke about the need to turn the Jalakandeswarar Temple back into a place of worship. For this, street meetings were held in Vellore. Those involved in this work were added as members.

Collector's Help:

Mr. Gangappa from Karnataka was the Collector of Vellore. He called the RSS and Hindu Munnani leaders in Vellore one day. The big surprise was that the Collector assured full support for the effort to consecrate the Sami in the temple. This is also the Lord. A Homa was held at his home in the Collector's Bungalow to hold the Swami Dedication without any defect. A committee was set up for this purpose. Mayilai Guruji Swamy, A.S.A. Bakery owner Paramasivam, Manimuthaliyar, Vellamandi Pulabai Desai, poor Munisami, and many other prominent personalities were on the committee.

Returning Jalakandeswarar:

The original idol of the Jalaka Kondeswarar Temple, the Shiva Lingam, was in Sathuvachari. The Archaeological Department has already confirmed that this is the Vellore Jalakandeswarar Temple Lingam. Nutritionists talked to people and got their approval. The date for Swami's dedication was marked.

On the night of 15-03-1981, 50 people named the lingam in Sathuvachari and loaded it in a lorry. Brought to Vellore Fort by lorry. Hundreds of RSS and Hindu Munnani activists were informed overnight and all gathered in the morning on Monday, March 16, 1981 to successfully chant the slogans Harahara Mahadev, Vetrivel Veeravel.

Immediately posters were put up all over the city of Vellore. In it, pujas have started at the Sri Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore Fort. There were sayings that devotees are warriors. There was also a campaign by Auto that Swami had been consecrated.

Police also rallied to hear the late news. Crowds of people also flocked to the temple. When the police tried to dispose of the lingam, the collector thwarted the attempt, saying it could lead to law and order problems.

After 400 years, the accordion Nathaswara is heard at the Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore.

MGR Support:

The news was conveyed to the then Chief Minister MG Ramachandran. Informed MGR. The locals rejoiced and ordered the police not to give any hindrance to the temple worship.

He presented a memento presented to him during the Second Tamil Conference in Madurai to the Jalakandeswarar Temple in Vellore Fort. It can still be seen in the fort temple premises today.

World Victory Ceremony:

The victory ceremony was held on April 5 at the Fort Grounds. Rama Gopalan Hindu Munnani Tamil Nadu leader Thanulinga Nadar and MG Viswanathan, who was a minister in MGR's cabinet, also attended the function with the permission of MG.

On that day, the fort grounds were full of festivities. The crowd was overflowing with people. For a month, the administration of the temple was overseen by Hindu leaders. A committee was then formally set up. In which Vellore RSS. Poor Munisami, who was the district chairman and the district chairman of the Hindu Munnani, was added as a member.

The stigma of being a godless temple for 400 years was removed and daily worship and pujas began. Kanchi Sri Jayendra Swamy, Mr. Murugan Kirupananda Variyar RSS International leader Bala Saheb Thevaras and Mr Advani paid their respects.

By His grace:

The victory of Vellore Jalakandeswarar was a victory for the Hindu uprising. Victory for Hindu unity. Countless people by name and name have joined the effort. As an adult about how this became possible? He asked. This is the answer we gave him. This miracle took place by the grace of the Lord according to the scriptures that he worshiped the paper by his grace.

The dedication of Jalakandeswarar took place as the Viswa Hindu Parishad was fertilizing the demand to build a Ram temple again in Ayodhya. This is a great achievement in the second year of the Hindu Munnani.

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