Kavi Kottai, not Red Fort
- Tiruppur

Kavi Kottai, not Red Fort - Tiruppur<

Tirupur is an area rich in millions of workers. 25 years ago the trade unions of both the Communist Party of Bharat and the Marxist Communist Party were strong. Were dominant.

No one can run a factory without them. There was a situation where no workers could go to work. Holding meetings on behalf of the Hindu Munnani is not an easy task. Even if you tie a rocky rope in your hand, the members of the Communist Party will see! As was the situation to be feared.

Those working with the Hindu Munnani were routinely intimidated and attacked by the Communist Party.

In 1984, the Hindu Munnani organized its first public meeting near the Diamond Theater. Unable to accept this, the Communist Party threatened to infiltrate the public meeting and attack it if it did not hold a public meeting.But the Hindu leader of the day, the heroic monk Rama, was not afraid of such threats. Gopalan was in a state of readiness at the venue of the public meeting with the necessary arrangements under their guidance.

The first public meeting was held successfully despite the protests of the Communists. Communists dominated every street in Tirupur. The bonus rally will mobilize tens of thousands of workers and hold a huge rally that will stun everyone. Politically, they had the largest vote bank in Tirupur. MLA,. The Communists held various positions as MP.


In this situation the Hindu Munnani gradually grew by taking the thorn in the side. Ideologically, the Hindu Munnani, which propagated the Communist treachery among the people, gradually began to grow in Tirupur.

A public meeting on behalf of the Hindu Munnani will be held within a week at the same place where they will hold a public meeting.

Evidence was spoken of their anti-Hindu activities and the closure of many panchayats in Tirupur due to their self-interest and the loss of workers' jobs. This had an impact among the people and due to this a large number of youths started invading towards the Hindu Munnani.

Communist volunteers and some Communist Party executives in various parts of the country joined the Hindu Munnani.

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