The beef slaughterhouse was detained

The beef slaughterhouse was detained

1994 - The then AIADMK. MK Yusuf Ali, a native of Thrissur, Kerala, obtained permission from the government to set up a factory to manufacture fruit juices and jams in the name of Fair Exports (Bharat).The then AIADMK claimed that the factory would be set up at Ganapathipalayam near the Kerala border near Pollachi. MLA They bought 200 acres of land worth Rs. 1.20 lakhs using gems for Rs. 50-60 lakhs. The plant is expected to provide direct employment to 1,500 people and 5,000 indirect jobs.

In this situation, in 1996, the DMK After the change of regime, the previous fruit juice factory project was abruptly changed to a modern slaughterhouse for slaughtering 3000 cows a day, processing the meat and exporting it abroad under the new contract of the new Chief Minister Karunanidhi.

In addition, Karunanidhi announced that the Tamil Nadu government would be responsible for 11 per cent of the investment. People were shocked to hear this news. Declared that this brutal murder would be defeated by fighting the adversary.It was decided to launch a Komata Ratha Yatra to hold street rallies, public meetings all over Tamil Nadu, issue leaflets and visit the villages of Tamil Nadu to meet the people in a devotional manner.

The cow with the calf, Krishna and Nandi seated in the vehicle were consecrated to the idols of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. All arrangements were made by the co-organizer of the day Ma. Weerabagu had done the same. Various district administrators also participated in the inauguration ceremony. Perur Adheenam Ilaya Pattam Thavathiru. Marudasala Adigalar gave the lecture. Completely, with Gopal’s keynote address, Komata Ratha Bhavani started.


Ratha Bhavani started and was held in that district for exactly 15 days. On 11.04.1997 Nellai traveled to the Thoothukudi district campaign. On the way to Thiruchendur, crossing Puliyangudi in Nellai district, the chariot had a minor accident while crossing Sambavar Road. As a result, the government banned the chariot pilgrimage altogether.

Yet the campaign should not stop. The campaign continued from village to village. The conference was held on 29.06.1997 at Ganapathipalayam, Govindapuram with great fanfare.

Due to the continuous campaign of the Hindu Munnani, there was strong opposition from the people to start a slaughter house in Ganapathipalayam, Pollachi. The people of that area vehemently opposed it. The change in the people shocked the rulers.

The government announced that it was abandoning the project. The Hindu Munnani won by mobilizing the people.

Muslims occupying Palani Hill

Hindu Munnani thwarted the conspiracy With the aim of bringing Palanimalai, one of the six houses of Lord Murugan, under their control, the Muslims began to work little by little after planning for about 60 years.

Treasury officials who were supposed to take action sided with the Muslim shopkeepers in not taking action.

Muslim shops along the way while climbing the mountain to visit Lord Murugan. Can Hindus set up shop on land owned by the mosque? The Muslims thus occupied and intimidated the devotees with the intention of desecrating the sanctity of the temple.

It is customary for Thai Mars to perform Padi Pooja while climbing the mountain. Mothers who practiced Padipooja were involved in activities such as taking pornographic photos, uttering obscene words and making fun of them. Devotees were afraid to climb the mountain.

The number of Muslim shopkeepers increased day by day. On days like Friday they took the beef to the top of the hill and started eating it. The people who saw these injustices were deeply saddened.

The Hindu Munnani volunteers who decided to catch them by the hand took to the field. During the Bakrid festival in 2012, Hindu Munnani volunteers who were hiding everywhere, such as the path and the top of the mountain, monitored the activities of the Muslims. Bring the beef biryani as usual and study. Muslims began to eat in places like the temple complex. The disguised Hindu leaders surrounded them and grabbed them by the hand. Following this, demands for the removal of these Muslim shops intensified and protests erupted.

A huge demonstration was held under the leadership of Veera Thuravi Rama Gopalan. More than 2000 people attended.

The case was taken up in the Madurai High Court. Treasury officials continued to procrastinate in favor of Muslims without properly arguing in the case, Bhaskar, an honest officer, was the new commissioner of the Palani temple at that time.

The petition was filed on behalf of the Hindu Munnani seeking action to expedite the case in the court. The officer who accepted the request took the files to the court to remove the Bhaskar occupation shops.

Leading Hindu lawyers have been monitoring the cases and helping the cases to move in the right direction so that the case can be taken to court faster. After a lengthy trial, the court ruled in favor of Palani Murugan and the Hindu community.

The court ruled that the 10 Muslim shops occupying the Palani Murugan Temple should be removed by 17.03.2014. The Hindu Munnani also joined the struggle to enforce the court ruling. Muslim shops were disposed of with no other option.

The conspiracy of the Muslims, who had deliberately dominated the Palani hills for 60 years with the aim of taking control, was successfully thwarted by the struggle of the Hindu Munnani.

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