Cultural Class

Village Cultural Classes to Protect the Character

Culture Class is a class that deeply records our Indian culture and culture in the minds of young children.Bharat and our Dharma are ancient and rich in culture and heritage. In this age of growing technology, children and adults are in a situation where there is no patriotism or piety. The basic purpose of this class is to change this. Culture is essential to prevent such cultural degradation as our culture is beginning to perish as little by little Western culture begins to infiltrate Indian Cultural degradation has destroyed the joint family and increased quarrels between families.

Public welfare is declining and selfishness is rampant. Humanity has gone to dust. There is no compassion for the suffering of others. Village life is destroyed and people choose the uncivilized life of the upcountry. Honesty and truth have disappeared and deceit and theft have increased. The days of respecting women as mothers have changed and today rapes and atrocities against women have increased. Confidence has disappeared and theft has increased. The cultural class develops virtues in children by removing such abominations from society.


Occurrence method:

We make children in the village or on the street, even at a specific place at a particular time of the day, teach them good things like the biographies of our ancestors, devotional songs, patriotic songs, stories, small questions, the glories of Hinduism, yoga and meditation, for which we hold competitions and give away prizes.


Our Hinduism is the forerunner of all religions. Hinduism is the highest religion ever known. In such a special religion various things are poured out. The lifestyles, morals, sacrifices and arts of our ancestors are innumerable treasures. If these are told to future generations, Hinduism will not perish and its popularity will skyrocket many times over. Hinduism has a lot of in-depth information within it to read like a coming-of-age character. But no one is telling such things to the present children. The Bharat Cultural Trust Hindu Munnani is also doing such a thing.


Many village women and youths conduct classes for their village children with the common good in their area to conduct cultural classes. They do not expect any response to this. It is our desire that many like this should come to serve. More and more young people today should realize that service to our charity is service to the Lord.The culture of Bharat must be preserved. The children of the future must live with devotion to the nation and devotion to the gods and devotion to their religion. Children should know the glories of our Hindu religion without believing in any other religion. Bharat will be saved if the culture is preserved. Individual morality flourishes. Avoiding bribery will increase honesty.

Children who are paralyzed at home will also increase their physical fitness when playing down the street. Culture class takes place considering that only culture and culture can take a man to a higher level.

Today we are proud that talent, discipline, humanity, courage and self-confidence have been nurtured in the minds of many thousands of children across Tamil Nadu through a cultural class!

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