Gokulam Cow Shed

Gokulam Greenery in Bharathiyar Gurukul was started in the year 2001 and is still functioning well.The purpose of this herd is to rescue cows that are being taken away for slaughter for business, and to take good care of cows donated by others until its death.Killing a cow sacred to Hindus for meat is an unacceptable act. Therefore, this greenhouse is a model for preventing cows.

Adult cows are well cared for and buried near the greenery when they die.The maintenance of the greenery is carried out with the donations of others. Thirty-three gods. Since the cow is a living aspect of the Rishis and the cow is the second mother of all the people, the Hindus worship the cow as a deity. All products obtained from the cow have been scientifically proven to be medicinal. Cattle breeding is declining in the developing world.