The need for Hindus to fight to uphold the rule of law.

The Hindu Lawyer Front was started in 2005 on behalf of the Hindu Front. The Hindu Front was a movement started to advocate for Hindus. The Hindu Front was started in 1980 and waged moral struggles for the cause of the Hindus. The Hindu Front held Swami processions and Ganesha Chaturthi processions on public streets as per the constitution. Muslims blocked mosques by building mosques on national highways. The Supreme Court had clearly instructed the police to fear the rule of Muslim worship, processions prevented.

Uncompromised Reliance

Communist activities have flown in most parts of Tamil Nadu.


There was no ban on Swami processions of Hindus, but Hindus did not get justice under the rule of Dravidian movements.In 1969, a procession of sandals and lanterns to the idol of Rama was held in Salem, for which no proper justice was done.Judges appointed by the Dravidian parties continue to pass judgment against Hindus.Hindu Front volunteers fought back when the Hindu community was attacked. Similarly the Hindu Front fought for the just demands of the Hindus. Hindu Front volunteers fought to recover the temples from the grip of the state and to protect the temple property.

Hundreds of false cases were thus laid against the Hindu Front volunteers. Hindu Front volunteers languished in jails. They have no one to bail them out. There is not enough money to pay the lawyers. Those who struggled were often distilled everyday. Thus the Hindus were reluctant to fight for the just demands of the Hindus. They thought there was no one to save the country.Many of the lawyers were converted by the Dravidian parties into anti-Hindus. All senior lawyers for Muslims are Azhars, regardless of party affiliation. Christians have access to the financial strength of the clergy and the support of Christian lawyers.

Uncompromised Belief

Always at service for the country

Uncompromised Self-confidence

Feel the Power of Nation

"Dharmam Kakka, Vidhi Seyvom."

To protect the charity, Let's make rules

Hindus do not have the support of lawyers to argue in court and do not have the monetary strength to appoint lawyers.Hence the need to bring together Hindu lawyers who are conscious of defending the Hindu community. To win the Hindu Community Dharma War, lawyers needed Deputy Arjuna like a toad-like eye.Equality before the law is not practiced in Tamil Nadu. Hindus are being oppressed by the police, the revenue department and the Hindu temple department.Hence the need for Hindus to fight to uphold the rule of law. This requires the assistance of lawyers.Aware of this, about 1000 Hindu lawyers have joined the front of Hindu lawyers.Hindus need tens of thousands more Hindu lawyers to get justice so all Hindu lawyers will join the Hindu Advocate Front. We will uphold the principle that all are equal before the law.

Always in divinity and National service