Uncompromised Credence

Hindu Munnani was started to defeat the atheist propaganda

Women should come forward to solve the problems of Hindu society with the attitude that men and women are not slackers. Women have played a key role in preserving Hinduism so far. The family should be kept as a Hindu family. Children should be brought up with Hindu awareness. To prevent conversion. The pride of Hinduism should be taken to other religions as well.

Uncompromised Reliance

Communist activities have flown in most parts of Tamil Nadu.


India is the best classic country in the world. Culture, civilization unites the peoples of the world, is a guide to mankind in every way because it is a pre-eminent example of humanity to the people of the world.India is a guide to the people of the world through family life and family relationships. The basic reason for this is Hinduism.


Anti-Hindus act as mercenaries of Muslims and Christians and brainwash people by spreading false propaganda that women are not important in Hinduism. The customs of the Hindus. It is women who still observe family rituals, fasts, festivals, festivals, home worship, caste worship, and rituals to this day.Such women are in the eyes of society and equal to the population. The Hindu Front movement to defend the Hindu religion operates among men. Similarly, the Hindu Mother's Front is working among women. Women are more important than men in having children and observing religious rites. If women make up their minds, there is nothing in the world that cannot be Changed.

Uncompromised Belief

Always at service for the country

Uncompromised Self confidence

Feel the Power of Nation

"Annaiyar sakthi ongattum;
aanmiga tamilagam olirattum".

May the power of the
mother shine; Let the spiritual Tamil Nadu shine

Aim of Annayar Munnani

Raising awareness about social degradation and anti-nationalism.Family warmth, comfort and counseling for those suffering from depression. Raising awareness about the need to wear our cultural attire and Hindu symbols.To develop the appropriate qualifications for leadership and leadership qualities. Developing the attitude that even failures are the stairs to success for students, to express their abilities Conducting d competitions.Eliminate family conflicts and provide counseling to help men recover from alcoholism.All women learn martial arts and retaliate against anti-socials.

Mothers Impact on Hindu Dharma

Only the Hindu Mother's Front can lead the Hindus in Tamil Nadu by preserving the traditional culture and family customs that come under the banana tree. Therefore, the Hindu Mothers Front must unite all Hindu women in the organization to preserve our temples and cults.To unite Hindus across castes and create awareness. Creating national thinking through spiritual upliftment. Creating the idea of ​​fighting corruption against the Hindu community. Bringing to the younger generation the pride, way of life, culture and culture of our Hindu society that is in vogue, Knowing government assistance schemes for the advancement of women and making them available for use.

Performances of the Mother Front

Weekly cultural classes, conducting collective worship for the benefit of the family. Integrating people. Performing monthly lamp worship in temples or public places. Holding a summer cultural class (on the streets) in April. Anointing the mother with turmeric water on Audi Friday, Purattasi Navratri Festival, Shakti Puja. Conducted by Velunacharya Jayanti. Arranging Highgriver Puja, Pada Puja for parents, Gomata Puja, Sumangali Puja, Kuladeva Puja, Tulsi Puja etc. to improve the education of students.

Always in divinity and National service